17 August 2008

Sunday Matinee (Aug. 10 - Aug. 17)

Not half the price ... just half the work.

Today I debut a new feature on Screen Savour that I'm calling "Sunday Matinee." The gist: at the beginning of every week, I'll post a selected number of thought-provoking or well-written reviews and commentaries I've read in the last week on other blogs.

So without further ado...

• Noir Month continues at MovieZeal, with great reviews of Out of the Past and one of my all-time favorites, The Third Man

• The Dancing Image tackles the similarities between D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

• Cinepinion examines Charles Burnett's 1977 masterpiece Killer of Sheep

• Flick Filosopher ponders potential casting if they were to remake Back to the Future in 2010, which would send Marty McFly back to 1980. Imagine: no iPods, no Internet, gas rising above $1 for the first time, knowing Vader was Luke's father ...

• Possible dissent of the week at Blog Cabins: Is Quantum of Solace, and the rebooted James Bond franchise for that matter, over-hyped?

• With The Clone Wars in theaters, James Berardinelli admits "it's becoming increasing difficult to defend George Lucas"

• Roger Ebert hates 3-D

• Dana Stevens takes reader questions on Slate about the humor of Tropic Thunder


Farzan 18 August, 2008  

Cool blog and good feature. I would hate it if they remade Back to the Future. I love that film and its perfect the way it is, but I wouldnt mind a sequel with the old cast coming back and going out with a bang.

As for the rebooted James Bond franchise being overhyped, I somewhat agree. I think people are hyping it alittle too much

p.s love the blog, keep up the good work

T.S. 18 August, 2008  

Farzan - Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. If I weren't afraid a Back to the Future remake would suck a 1.21-gigawatts-sized amount, I'd be curious to see how contemporary films would handle the irony of visiting the 80s. I suppose we're already getting a sense of that with some releases.

Ibetolis 18 August, 2008  

Welcome to the LAMB.

A great looking blog here my friend, it looks like we have similar tastes.

The idea of a BTTF remake sends shivers down my spine. It's the film of my childhood; even though I didn't understand a damn thing that was going on at that tender age.

Thanks for the blog link, I've reciprocated the gesture and I hope to see you more around the blogsphere.

MovieMan0283 18 August, 2008  

Came here through LAMB thinking "this sounds like a blog I'd like" and then I saw you linked me up! Thanks - and welcome to the network (I'm a pretty recent member myself).

T.S. 18 August, 2008  

Ibetolis - Thanks a million for stopping by and dropping a few kind words. Film for the Soul is a great site, one of the ones that I immediately felt belonged in my own personal blogroll. I'm happy to feel the love in reciprocation and look forward to reading more and sharing thoughts on reviews in comments!

T.S. 18 August, 2008  

MovieMan - I'm so happy to stopped by in time to catch the link to The Dancing Image in the Sunday Matinee feature. I've been enjoying your writing and criticism, am happy to have you in my blogroll, and am looking forward to more cinematic discussions!

MovieMan0283 19 August, 2008  

T.S. - feel free to drop a comment on the Dark Knight post you linked up. What did you think of the analogy - or the film's politics? I'd love to see some discussion get going on it, but I think because it went up right before the weekend some people missed it. Hopefully they'll catch it through your site but there's a tendency to ignore older posts - the one thing that kind of sucks about the blog format.


darkcitydame4e 13 September, 2008  

Speaking of D.W.Griffith...
...Kino has announced a November 11th release date for his (Griffith Masterworks, Vol. 2.) The five disc DVD set will have five features, one short and a lengthy documentary.

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