24 August 2008

Sunday Matinee (Aug. 17 - Aug. 23)

Not half the price ... just half the work.

My wife coaxed me into the creation of Sunday Matinee when I was nervous about disrupting my almost-all-review format. But the first installment drew much feedback and I found myself excited about posting what I enjoyed reading this past week.

So without further ado...

• I spent time toggling and following a 12 Movie Meme begun at The Dancing Image that asked for the dozen largely unavailable movies you haven't seen but would screen. Other lists can be found at Cinema Viewfinder and Cinexcellence.

• Noir month – ongoing at MovieZeal – has exposed me to three great blogs: Living in Cinema on Night and the City; Getafilm on The Asphalt Jungle; and Bowen's Cinematic on In a Lonely Place. All three blogs are now listed in my blogroll to the left.

• Speaking of Getafilm: A review of Hitchcock's spectacular Strangers on a Train can be found at MovieZeal, but in all fairness, I read it here first.

• Ferdy On Films digs up a little-known John Cassavetes film and King Vidor's quintessential movie about movies.

• The Film Doctor gives you 15 highly entertaining reasons to avoid Death Race.

• One of my favorite Buster Keaton films gets a fine treatment at The Dancing Image.

• Top ten sports movies over at LAMB. (Individual top tens can be found here.)

• Cinepinion looks at Rushmore.

• Roger Ebert has a great entry expounding upon the rewards of blogging, proving once again why I love reading him.

• Dana Stevens isn't crazy about The House Bunny, but thinks it's time someone reward Anna Faris with a decent role. Scott Tobias agrees.


FDr 24 August, 2008  

Thanks for the link, T.S. I've enjoyed your discussions of classic films, and I look forward to October--Hitchcock month.

Farzan 27 August, 2008  

Great post man, I really enjoy your Sunday posts beacuse they are somewhat different than what I usually see. Looking forward to Hitchcock month

Daniel G. 29 August, 2008  

I know I'm a little late here, but thanks, TS. I'm honored that you've enjoyed my blog and I'm happy to add you to my blogroll as well!

T.S. 29 August, 2008  

@ FDR and Farzan - I'm looking forward to Hitchcock month, too. I only hope writing all the reviews will be as much fun as reading them hopefully will be... ;)

@ Daniel - You bet. Getafilm is a wonderful blog, I'm honored to have it in my blogroll and show up in my Sunday Matinee feature. Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

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