19 October 2008

Sunday Matinee, Oct 12 - Oct. 18

Not half the price ... just half the work.

Thanks for the traffic and comments this week. I hope everyone hasn't tired of Alfred Hitchcock, I'm still aiming to be finished by Oct. 31 (although I might need a few extra days). When I'm finished with Hitchcock's filmography, I'll be adding a new feature to the side bar to allow for quick access to a director's films once a majority of reviews are available.

But without further ado ...

• Dean's Shoulda-Won Oscar Meme elicits responses from the web: Best Picture selections at The Dancing Image, Out1, and Cinema Viewfinder. (My own list is forthcoming, I promise!)

• Wonders in the Dark has begun an awesome new feature that should create Best-Of lists for every decade. Nominations for Best Films of the 1930s may now be submitted, and then they'll be synthesized into a master list. Rush over and nominate your 25.

• With only about a fortnight remaining until Election Day, the season of politics is here. The Dancing Image begins a new series devoted to political films. Coleman's Corner looks at Oliver Stone's director's cut of Nixon, and Getafilm looks at Stone's W.

• And while door-to-door politicking is frightening, we mustn't forget we're also nearing Halloween. YDKS Movies continues an assessment of the greatest horror films of all time and provides an illuminating look into Tim Burton's masterful Ed Wood.

• Farzan gives his detailed take on Body of Lies.

• Dean at Filmicability gives a list of the best films to experience in an altered state. From personal experience, I'll add that the first fifteen minutes to The Fellowship of the Ring were trippy as hell until I fell asleep.

• Roger Ebert debates whether it's fair to review a movie after only watching eight minutes and then walking out, like he did with Tru Loved.

• Smashing Magazine runs down the 50 Most Beautiful Movie Posters of all time. My personal favorite, and not necessarily because I love Alfred Hitchcock, is this gorgeous poster for The Birds.

And if you haven't seen them already...

This week on Turner Classic Movies:
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), Oct 19
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Oct 19
Rio Grande (1950), Oct 21
White Heat (1949), Oct 22
Suspicion (1941), Oct 22
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), Oct 22
Citizen Kane (1941), Oct 22
Cat People (1942), Oct 23
I Walked With A Zombie (1943), Oct 23
The Big Sleep (1946), Oct 23
D.O.A. (1950), Oct 23
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Oct 23
Touch of Evil (1958), Oct 23
The Red Shoes (1948), Oct 24
The Lady Vanishes (1938), Oct 24
The Circus (1928), Oct 24
Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), Oct 24
Kiss Me Deadly (1955), Oct 25
Harvey (1950), Oct 25
Psycho (1960), Oct 25
Peeping Tom (1960), Oct 25
Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Oct 26
The Birds (1963), Oct 26


darkcitydame4e 19 October, 2008  

"What to check out!"
Since I collect Posters, I guess I will check out Smashing Magazine 50 most beautiful posters.
I checked out Dean Treadway's blog for the 2nd time.I always check out
S.J.'s WitD.I guess I will give Farzen blog a look!...and peek in on the others blogs!...
On the Box: Hitch's "The Lady Vanishes" (T.S. and S.J., I bet you both are "surprized" that this film is on the list!)
"Cat People" and
"I Walked with a Zombie"
(Yes, S.J., I am checking out Lewton!...Tks, dcd)

Daniel Getahun 20 October, 2008  

Sick of Hitchcock? Impossible!

Well take my review of W. with a grain of salt - I'm one of the few people who actually liked it. It's tame, sure, but that ended up not being an issue for me.

I love those posters! The poster for Fearless really jumped out at me. Awesome.

Farzan 21 October, 2008  

Another good Sunday Matinee. Thanks for mentioning. I thought the 50 posters post was great

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