26 October 2008

Sunday Matinee (Oct. 19 - Oct. 25)

Not half the price ... just half the work.

So Hitchcock month will definitely not be finished by Oct. 31, but that's okay. I'm enjoying the extra minutes in a day when I'm not worried about posting two reviews just to meet an arbitrary deadline. Besides: as I get into the 1950s, I'll be reviewing many of the director's masterpieces, and I don't want to rush myself through the reviews of some of my favorites.

But now, without further ado, Sunday Matinee – in many respects a Halloween and Election edition.

• YDKS Movies continues counting down the 25 Greatest Horror Movies (and for the record, Wesley, I'm on board with you in regards to Scream).

• As lead-in to the election, The Dancing Image continues a great series on films about politics. Installments from the last week include the rise and fall of Camelot in Primary and Four Days in November, the encouraging idealism of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and a documentary about Barry Goldwater in the words of his granddaughter called, appropriately enough, Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater.

The Hustler"arguably Newman's best film," The Film Doctor writes – gets a fine analysis.

• Allan Fish at Wonders in the Dark examines one of the best films of the 1990s, L.A. Confidential. (And don't forget: Wonders is still taking submissions for 25 Favorite Films from the 1930s. My list is forthcoming, Sam.)

• Farzan delves into the strange world of W.

• The Stop Button dissects The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

• Dana Stevens pronounces Synecdoche, New York as both emotionally depressing in its content (a movie about failure) but depressing in its reality (a movie that fails).

• Christopher Orr at The New Republic announces Changeling to be not only a candidate for worst movie of the year, but also "the worst domestic tragedy, the worst conspiracy thriller, the worst serial killer flick, and the worst courtroom drama."

And if you haven't seen them already...

This week on Turner Classic Movies:
Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Oct 26
The Birds (1963), Oct 26
Vampyr (1932), Oct 27
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967), Oct 27
Roman Holiday (1953), Oct 27
To Be or Not to Be (1942), Oct 27
Sunset Boulevard (1950), Oct 28
Ace in the Hole (1951), Oct 28
Sabrina (1954), Oct 29
Some Like It Hot (1959), Oct 29
Notorious (1946), Oct 29
Out of the Past (1947), Oct 29
They Live By Night (1949), Oct 30
The Thing From Another World (1951), Oct 30
I Walked with a Zombie (1943), Oct 30
Cat People (1942), Oct 31
Freaks (1932), Oct 31
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Nov 1
Forbidden Planet (1956), Nov 1
All About Eve (1950), Nov 2
The Mortal Storm (1940), Nov 2
All the President's Men (1976), Nov 2


MovieMan0283 26 October, 2008  

T.S., I sympathize - when the election ends I plan on taking a bit more time with my postings - and have been thinking about taking a break from Netflix and doing some reviews of my favorite films. I mean, 100 posts and no Godfather! No Vertigo! Only one European film! Time to revisit the classics, I think.

Glad you've been enjoying the series - stay tuned as this week the pace is going to pick up a lot and be even more focused on pertinent issues as Election Day looms.

darkcitydame4e 26 October, 2008  

"So Hitchcock month will definitely not be finished by Oct. 31,..." Yay! that is good news!...especially, for a Hitchcock in training fan, like me!...
On the Box:
Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Oct
The Birds (1963), Oct 26
Vampyr (1932), Oct 27 (First~time viewing)
To Be or Not to Be (1942), Oct 27 Sunset Boulevard (1950), Oct 28
Ace in the Hole (1951), Oct 28

Notorious (1946), Oct 29
Out of the Past (1947), Oct 29
They Live By Night (1949), Oct 30
I Walked with a Zombie (1943), Oct 30 Cat People (1942), Oct 31

I always check out TCM offering(s) even though I have watched the films already!
dcd ;)

Daniel Getahun 26 October, 2008  

Jeez, that's quite a rousing recommendation for Changeling. I'll have to see it just so I can see for myself...

Sam Juliano,  27 October, 2008  

Wonderful round-up here T.S., and thanks so much for the acknowledgement of the site and our 30's polling. I would be thrilled to have your participation!!!

Your Hitchcock retro has been sensational as we all look forward to your definitive treatment of those 50's masterpieces!

CHANGELING is a mixed effort, very disappointing, perhaps not as dire as Christopher Orr says. Look forward to hearing what his New Republic colleague, 94 year-old Stanley Kauffmann thinks. A lifelong fan of the great critic, I have always felt he was the greatest of all American film critics, even ahead of Agee and Kael. And he's still going!

MovieMan0283 27 October, 2008  

A few years ago, Kauffmann wrote something to the effect of, "In 1927, when I was 14 years old..."

How many people can write a phrase like that?! Amazing...

Sam Juliano,  27 October, 2008  

Indeed MovieMan indeed. Kauffmann is that rarest of birds. We are so lucky to have had him as long as we have. Needless to say I have every single one of his film collections (7) on my bookshelves.

MovieMan0283 28 October, 2008  

In response to the Stop Button (they won't allow me to post on that blog, so if the administrator's reading this, please do something about that):

I really like this film, but it is certainly raw and rough-around-the edges. The pieces don't quite fit together, yet somehow this draws me into the movie's atmosphere even more. There are excellent films whose greatness can be missed but where it's the viewer's fault if that's so, and then other excellent films whose appeal is a perhaps a question of taste. I think this belongs to the latter category, though that's a clunky way of describing it.

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darkcitydame4e 30 October, 2008  

T.S. said, "So Hitchcock month will definitely not be finished by Oct. 31, but that's okay..."

Well, T.S. your month long salute to Hitch may not be over, but my 31 Days of Hitchcock trivia contest will come to an end tomorrow at Midnight.)

But, least I forget, (and most importantly,) T.S., Thank-you! for being the first eBlogger to grant me my first interview (T.S., you are a very brave man!...for being the 1st to step-up to the "plate" and granting me an interview...(Thank-you for taking a "chance" with me!)

dcd ;-)

Andrew Wickliffe 03 November, 2008  

I really wanted the Changeling link to be off, but it's pretty much spot-on.

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