29 January 2009

Awards Season: Devouring Cinematography

Just a shameless little self-promotion here, don't worry.

My Oscar column on this year's nominees for Best Cinematography landed today at the Large Association of Movie Blogs as part of its annual "LAMB Devours The Oscars" series. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


NoirishCity.... 29 January, 2009  

Hi! T.S.
T.S. said,"Just a shameless little self-promotion here, don't worry."

T.S., I don't think informing your readers of your column is "self-promotion," but more like a FYI or a "heads-up." (Btw, a very interesting column!...very informative and very well written.)

You haven't seen "self-promotion" until you read "Fletch" post today!
haha! (I just hope that he don't "find" me one day and put an "end" to me!)
dcd ;-)

Tony Dayoub 29 January, 2009  

Good work, T.S.

I agree with you that of those nominated, it's Miranda and Pfister that deserve the Oscar.

But as you know, in my heart, it's really Watkinson for The Fall that was overlooked.

T.S. 29 January, 2009  

@ DCD - Ha ha ha, yes, I did see that bit of self-promotion over at BlogCabins. Certainly Fletch will forgive you. ;) Thanks for the kind words.

@ Tony - Oh yeah, he was certainly ignored. Stern finally secured himself a nomination, but compared to Watkinson's work on The Fall, Stern's work on Changeling is unremarkable. Thanks for the thoughts.

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