18 January 2009

Sunday Matinee (Jan. 12 - Jan. 18)

Not half the price, just half the work.

I had a great week, how about you? I'm up to my philtrum in recent releases, some of which I've been enjoying tremendously. By mid-February I'll have a best-of list for 2008, and until then there's more Hitchcock and Chaplin as well as my "Rewinding" series. I'll definitely have something to say on Thursday if Wall•E lands a Best Picture nomination (and maybe if it doesn't).

Anyway, here's what you must read from this past week:

• The post of the week, if such a thing could exist, would probably be Alexander Coleman's magnificently thoughtful review of The Wrestler. My review of the film will be unveiled here when I recap my favorites from 2008.

• There is a nonpareil examination of Saul Bass from Dean at filmicability. Kudos, Dean.

• Farzan tips us off that director Tom Hooper and screenwriter Christopher Hampton will be, for some reason, bringing John Steinbeck's East of Eden back to the big screen. Be prepared for a chorus of "Whys?" to break out.

• Tony at Cinema Viewfinder, in addition to tagging* me in a wonderful Favorite Actors Meme, has reviews of two movies I have yet to see, Revolutionary Road and Rachel Getting Married. As such, I haven't read the reviews yet, but I have the utmost faith that Tony's thoughts on the films warrant your reading.

• Somehow, last week I forgot to include Sam Juliano's top films of 2008. (A thousand apologies, Sam!)

• Joseph at Cinexcellence runs down his selections for favorite films of 2008.

• Andrew at The Stop Button has a great review of Milk, which I will also be discussing here later alongside The Wrestler.

• Bowen's Cinematic provides sharp commentary on Clint Eastwood in '08.

• The best reviewed film of the year, as voted on by LAMB members, is ... well, go find out.

• The Onion: "Man Gets Into Mess Usually Reserved For Stars Of Silent Film Era."

• My friend David gives a rundown on one of the worst movies I've ever seen, a barely tolerable crapfest called Double Down, which we first watched at an awful-movie night party.

* An earlier version of this post mistakenly credited Tony with the creation of the Favorite Actors Meme. Tony only tagged me in the meme; it was begun, in this circle of the blogosphere at least, by
Dean Treadway.


Alexander Coleman 19 January, 2009  

T.S., thank you most sincerely for the high praise and extremely kind words, as well as the linkage. I see you are prodigiously maintaining quite the blog here--I won't even encourage you to keep up the excellent work since I know you will... Oh well, keep up the excellent work. And thank you, again.

Sam Juliano,  19 January, 2009  

And thank you too T.S. for the shout out on my own list, complete with undeserved apologies. I am flattered that you would make mention of it sir.

And I second that statement about Alexander's superlative WRESTLER review!

T.S. 19 January, 2009  

– Thank you, Alexander, for the kind words about the humble blog. I'm still wrapping my mind around your review and the great comments going on in the discussion section. Thanks for stopping by; one of my New Year's resolutions is to start commenting more on blogs, so hopefully you'll see me popping up at Coleman's Corner.

– No thanks needed, Sam. I feel bad it got left out of last week. It's a great best-of.

Farzan 20 January, 2009  

Another good Sunday Matinee T.S and thanks for the shout out. Reading Andrew's Milk review.

Sam 21 January, 2009  

I'm looking forward to that Best Of list

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