25 January 2009

Sunday Matinee (Jan. 19 - Jan. 25)

Not half the price, just half the work.

• Wisely noting "If a picture is worth a thousand words then a number is worth one million," Jon Lanthier looks at the dimensions of the best-of list in a really, really great essay called The Gist of Lists.

• Tony at Cinema Viewfinder has his list of the year's 10 best films.

• Daniel at Getafilm examines Trouble the Water, an Oscar nominee for best documentary.

• Sam Juliano writes lovingly about How Green Was My Valley.

• Out 1 has been on a David Lynch kick this past week.

• Reviews of The Wrestler from Farzan and The Dark of the Matinee.

• Reviews of Slumdog Millionaire from The Film Doctor and YDKS Movies.

• Dean at Filmicability has a run-down of the 101 greatest horror films of all time.


Joseph "Jon" Lanthier 25 January, 2009  

Hey, TS, many thanks for the plug and the kind words! Hopefully folks don't wind up taking me to task for my own narrowly cobbled-together lists, which act as the piece's denouement (of sorts). But, it sounds like you concentrated on the meat rather than the bait, which was the point.

And, it's wonderfully ironic (for me) to see an essay about "best-of" lists heading off two links to best-of lists (both of which are great reads, by the way). I'm glad I had a ticket to this matinee...

Farzan 26 January, 2009  

thanks again for the shout out, another good Sunday matinee

T.S. 26 January, 2009  

Farzan and Jon, no thanks necessary. I should thank you for the great reads.

And Jon, thanks for noting the irony (ha ha). I'm a list-aholic as well, as I think many of we are, and due to my queasy ambivalence with awards, I value all personal lists (and a few collective lists) above all film awards. I hope people click over and enjoy the essay as much as I did.

Sam Juliano,  27 January, 2009  

Thanks very much for the acknowledgement and your most kind words, T.S.

Jon Lanthier's piece on lists is utterly brilliant, I quite agree!

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