12 February 2009

For Lincoln, on his Bicentennial

"There is no new thing to be said about Lincoln. There is no new thing to be said of the mountains, or of the sea, or of the stars. The years go their way, but the same old mountains lift their granite shoulders above the drifting clouds; the same mysterious sea beats upon the shore; the same silent stars keep holy vigil above a tired world. But to the mountains and sea and stars men turn forever in unwearied homage. And thus with Lincoln. For he was a mountain in grandeur of soul, he was a sea in deep undervoice of mystic loneliness, he was a star in steadfast purity of purpose and service. And he abides."

- Rep. Homer Hoch of Kansas, excerpted from remarks to the House of Representatives, February 12, 1923.


NoirishCity.... 12 February, 2009  

Hi! T.S.,
The readers whom(s) leave comments
over there on IMDb summed up what actor that they thought portrayed President Lincoln, the best!...and his name Canadian actor Raymond Massey.


Sam Juliano,  12 February, 2009  

Aye, DCD, Raymond Massey was a wonderful Lincoln!
This has been a very special day for all Americans, what with the 200th anniversary of the birth of our greatest president. At "Lincoln School" where I teach, it was a day of commemoration and historical discussion.

T.S. 12 February, 2009  

@dcd: Ah, yes, and how fitting our greatest president should be portrayed on film by a Canadian actor. (And by an Irish one in the upcoming Spielberg film!)

@Sam: I used to love those commemoration and historical discussion days. My classmates were always asleep, but I loved it (which would explain why I'm citing Lincoln's birth on my blog - ha).

Incidentally, do you read much Lincoln literature? I have many books on my shelf. I think the most recent one I read was "Lincoln's Melancholy" by Joshua Wolf Shenk, which I highly recommend. (On deck is Fred Kaplan's "Lincoln: A Biography of a Writer.")

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