12 March 2009


I'm still here.

Teaching and writing short fiction in the last few weeks have distracted me from regularly updating. I took a vacation with my wife and left my computer behind. I recently re-watched The Great Dictator for my Chaplin series, and will be re-watching Psycho as I prepare to teach it Tuesday in my art-and-the-creative-process class. Just finished reading the graphic novel Watchmen for the first time, and I'm not sure I'll be seeing the movie. (I'm just too skeptical, maybe?) Synecdoche, New York and I've Loved You So Long are now at the rental gallery, so I have those to consider. Thanks to all who have been in direct/indirect correspondence, particularly your thoughtful comments. The blog machinery will begin to churn again soon.


Ibetolis 12 March, 2009  

Glad you're still around, I secretly knew you would be.

Looking forward to your future posts.

DarkCity 13 March, 2009  

Hi! T.S.,

I'am so glad that you have returned...Life and such right?!?

Dcd ;-D

MovieMan0283 13 March, 2009  

Ditto the others - also looking forward to the final posts in the Hitchcock series. Obviously that ended up taking more time than expected (I can sympathize - I originally thought I'd be finishing my Griffith series early last fall and starting DeMille right away, as it is now it's March and I'm just about to start on DeMille).

What "series" is next - or will you be taking a break from the thematics (I hope not, as I kind of like them)?

Dead Pan 13 March, 2009  

Hey TS---I have been similarly absent from blogville recently and need to start updating again.

Mattson Tomlin 13 March, 2009  

looking forward to it!

T.S. 15 March, 2009  

Ibetolis and Dcd — Thanks for the support. Yes, yes: life and such.

MovieMan — Ha, ha. Yes, only a few months behind on Hitchcock. But I really underestimated the amount I'd want to say about his output post-1950, but if I had it to do over, I'd still take this much time to make sure I got it right. As for going from here, that's a good question. I'm currently reading The Silent Clowns by Walter Kerr, and it's really making me want to dive into Buster Keaton's filmography. I'd also like to consider the Marx Brothers films. But what I'll probably do first is look at the 1990 class for the National Film Registry, the second year they were inducting films, and review those until I decided on Keaton or the Marxes.

Shawn - Yeah, you do need to come back! I check Google Reader for your stuff, and it's been too quiet.

Mattson - Thanks for dropping a line! I hope to hear more from you and hear your thoughts. I'm checking out your blog right after I finish this sentence.

Alexander Coleman 15 March, 2009  

Happy to see you return, T.S. I recently took a long week and a half away from the Internet, which in e-world feels like an eternity. Life is occasionally too busy to allow us to linger online forever. Best wishes, and I look forward to your future posts.

Sam Juliano,  15 March, 2009  

Welcome back T.S. Blogging is nice, but it's hardly the first concern in anyone's life. Your teaching, writing fiction and taking a break are what life is made of. I will certainly (like others here) be checking your nbew material with great expectation.

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