15 May 2009

Thanks, LAMMY nominee voters

So, Screen Savour picked up a few 2009 LAMMY nominations, and that sort of recognition amongst one's peers (and strangers) is about as great a thing as a chap can ask for. I'm honored to be in three categories, although I can't help but feel I'm a supporting actor in a field of Heath Ledgers. Anyway, it's nice to be noticed and I'm thrilled many blogs and writers I nominated made the cut in many categories. Touch choices lie ahead.

You can go vote for yours at LAMB between now and May 31.


the editor., 15 May, 2009  

Hi! T.S.,
Oh! Yes,
Decision, Decision, Decision, but
Congratulation! and Good Luck! to you, and all the LAMbs members, who were nomination this year.

Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

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