05 June 2009

Programming Note

My return to regular blogging coincides with a summer vacation of sorts. I'm happy to be back, to be watching movies again and writing on them. But after drawing up a list of films I want to review on Screen Savour in the coming months, I noticed there were a great many silent features. So I've decided to go ahead and call this a Summer of Silents.

I'll be choosing my selections from the National Film Registry and other essential lists of silent films. This will cover both the 1910s and 1920s, both American and foreign cinema, both the groundbreaking and dull as well as the simple and entertaining. The series will culminate in August when I give Buster Keaton the same analysis I've devoted to Alfred Hitchcock and Charles Chaplin.

I'm by no way swearing off "talkies," and hopefully I'll have some reviews of those to add to the mix as we go along. Hopefully, too, you'll not be put off by the devotion to silent cinema and you'll keep coming back to see the likes of DeMille, Griffith, von Stroheim, Walsh, Murnau, Borzage, Vidor, and others.


Raquelle 05 June, 2009  

I'm excited for Summer of Silents! Sounds like a great and worthwhile project.

T.S. 06 June, 2009  

Thanks, Raquelle!

Dead Pan 07 June, 2009  

I'm pretty excited as well, even though I have seen very few to be honest. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Metropolis actually.

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