01 June 2009


I've slightly changed the design of Screen Savour. You can comment below if you'd like, or leave me a tip if there's a particular bug on your operating system/browser combination. I'll probably be tweaking bugs for the rest of the week.

More important than the general layout, however, is my effort to make the site more navigable. Instead of only listing an archive by post-date, I've included an archive by decade of release that will allow you to search for films I've reviewed. As interesting as I think post-date archives are, after nearly two hundred posts it's difficult to find certain things. You can still access my five-star films through the Films To Savour tab.

There is also a "Special Projects" section that will house links to filmographies (Hitchcock and Chaplin right now), the complete National Film Registry where you can track my progress in reviewing its films, and my top ten lists by year (only 2000 and 2001, but more to come).

– T.S.


Ibetolis 01 June, 2009  

Looking good T.S

It shows that you've put some work into this. Well done.

Joseph "Jon" Lanthier 01 June, 2009  

Very nice! I particularly like the new way in which comments are displayed underneath their respective entries.

Farzan 02 June, 2009  

Looks alot more cleaner and more accessible

Daniel Getahun 02 June, 2009  

Wow, looks great! Still hard to beat your banner - that's classic.

T.S. 02 June, 2009  

Thanks for your comments, all.

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