23 July 2009

Best Films of 2003

My list of the top ten films of 2003 is now up at Film for the Soul for the Counting Down the Zeroes series.


Sam Juliano,  24 July, 2009  

Marvelous list there T.S. As you know, THE RETURN OF THE KING is my #1 film. But Gus Vant Sant's ELEPHANT (his greatest film) is my #2. Several others on your list are also on mine: CITY OF GOD, TRIPLETS OF BELVILLE, ANGELS IN AMERICA, AMERICAN SPLENDOR. I am not a fan of LOST IN TRANSLATION, but I know that's a minority position. I like MYSTIC RIVER too, but not as much as I once did.

T.S. 25 July, 2009  

Thanks, Sam. Encouraging to see so much of an overlap on the lists! Angels in America is also a welcomed presence on your list, although many don't consider it a "film" since it aired on television; personally, I find it better than 90% of what was released in theaters that year.

I wasn't so sure at the time, but in retrospect I find that 2003 was really a good year for cinema, and as I note in my essay particularly American cinema.

Farzan 31 July, 2009  

City of God for the win

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