07 July 2009

Screen Savour Now Available on Twitter

At the sage advice of my tech-savvy wife, and after Twitter proved itself to be indispensable for communication in the chaos of Iran's fraudulent election (thus not the sheer fad I originally envisioned), I have brought Screen Savour to Twitter.

What you'll get (besides spelled out words and proper punctuation) are notices when I have posted a new review or a preview of what might be upcoming; links to interesting film-related articles; brief thoughts on the film world and other reverie; and conversations with fellow film bloggers.

If you're on Twitter or looking for a reason to join, come find me.


Farzan 07 July, 2009  

Cool, I haven't tried Twitter yet, but its definitely the next big thing at the moment.

T.S. 08 July, 2009  

Indeed, perhaps too at the moment I'm afraid, but that's a momentary risk I'm willing to take. In the event that it fizzes out, no big deal. But there are innumerable moments when I've felt like musing about something film-related and thought this blog would be a poor format for such a fleeting thought. Hopefully Twitter will begin to rectify that, while leaving longer, more analytical and in-depth essays for this blog.

Fortunately, you needn't be a member to bookmark the page and follow along.

Raquelle 10 July, 2009  

Excellent post! I've always been fascinated by the story and it's great to see that the silent film has an interesting background.

Welcome to Twitter!

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