31 December 2010

Screen Savour in 2011

It goes without saying this blog has been quiet for some time now. It will come back to life for 2011.

The incarnation will not be the same. Time is simply not as abundant enough for me as it once was — I'm now a full-time college faculty member, a husband, a new father, a dog-walker, a writer, a reader, an avid NPR listener, etc. I love film, but writing about it requires a great deal of time, energy, focus, and revision to meet the standards I want for myself.

What I'll introduce for Screen Savour in 2011 is what I'm calling Media Months. Because I can't write here daily (or, realistically, even weekly), I'm going to write one essay throughout each month tracking the art I see. I will write primarily about film and literature, but I will also discuss television, music, theater, museums, photography, and any other artistic venture that draws my attention through the month. Each Media Month article will appear at the end of the month and will include mini-reviews, ratings, analysis, and musings. I'll also finally finish my Buster Keaton series, give my personal picks come Oscar time, hopefully write about Fritz Lang's sound era, and maybe try another film series if I'm feeling particularly ambitious (the Marx Brothers, perhaps?).

Let's hope it works. I'm winging it, and we'll see what happens.


MovieMan0283 31 December, 2010  

This sounds like a great idea - I look forward to the entries! Happy New Year...

FilmDr 31 December, 2010  

Nice to have you back in some form! I also look forward to reading your new work.


Sam Juliano,  21 January, 2011  

This is fantastic news T.S.! This has always been one of the places to engage in the most meaningful discussions, and to know what good taste in movies is. Congratulations on your recent appointment to that university faculty, on fatherhood (most important of all of course) and on your New Year's resolve. I'll be looking ahead to that essay and to your Oscar picks.

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