08 February 2009

Sunday Matinee (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8)

• In a discussion of Frost/Nixon and Milk, Dean Treadway not only takes off his gloves but slides on a pair of brass knuckles. Meanwhile, Jon Lanthier also sharpens the knife and goes after Frost/Nixon.

• Marilyn at Ferdy on Films pens an exquisite essay on pain and The Bridge, a 2007 documentary about suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge.

• Shawn at Deadpan reviews The Wrestler and what it has to say about loneliness and detachment.

• The venerable Out 1 publishes its list of the year's best films, with individual critics providing their own. As a companion piece, behold Brandon Colvin's review of Wendy and Lucy and the case for American neo-realism.

• Revisiting Badlands leaves Andrew at The Stop Button a little tongue-tied, but "it just begs to be watched over and over" really says it all.

• Sam Juliano and The Dame are discussing the Oscars at Noirish City this month; that, of course, includes her usual monthly giveaway contest open to LAMB members.


NoirishCity.... 08 February, 2009  

Hi! T.S.,
On my way out the door!...I just stop by to say...Thank-you! for mentioning the "happening(s)" at WitD.

DCD ;-)

Sam Juliano,  11 February, 2009  

Typical Dark City Dame--selflessly acknowledging WitD, and remaining silent on the fact that this is her project, fueled by her sustained effervescence and good will.

She is in a class by herself.

Thanks again T.S. for the gracious mention. You are one classy guy.

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